Client: This community organization is one of the largest nonprofits in Orange County, CA. With a strong reputation for partnering with local communities and other nonprofits, its network of volunteers is committed to giving back in impactful ways that make a difference and create lasting change for cities, families, and individuals.

Challenge: Transform negative stereotypes and a client’s self-­admitted inability to articulate a compelling vision to raise $35 million for this upscale nonprofit in Orange County, California.

Strategy: Create a communications campaign for this massive capital fundraising effort. Design and lead focus groups of both dissenters and account team leaders to collaborate on key campaign messages. Partner with a strategic illustrator to capture the essence of the organization’s story and bring it to life. Write a compelling campaign tagline that serves as the creative hook for dozens of print and broadcast pieces as well as event presentations. ThinkinBig directed all creative and communications elements of the campaign.

Results: More than 1,800 families pledged $27+ million in this three-­year campaign. The campaign led to a 90%+ pledge collection and is an industry standard for effective and creative communications strategies. Three years later, that same nonprofit hired ThinkinBig to devise a comprehensive communications strategy for another $35 million capital fundraising campaign.